Costa Rica Sport-fishing Group Rejected Marine Reserve

Eight game angling affiliations and two angling clubs spoke to by FECOP, the game angling backing bunch in Costa Rica, voted collectively not to help the Alvaro Ulgalde Marine Reserve despite the fact that its promoters assert don angling will be permitted in the proposed law sent to the Costa Rican Congress. FECOP has requested of the legislature not to pass Bill # 20.333 making the almost 2,390 square mile hold.

“We (FECOP) are especially for marine protection and administration of marine assets however we as it done effectively,” shouted Carlos Cavero President of FECOP. The gathering expressed a few reasons why it can not bolster the bill.

There was no entire specialized examination done counseling with Costa Ricans who might be influenced, as required the law. The área is bigger than all other marine ensured áreas and envelops áreas effectively under assurance. Appropriate investigation to roll out that improvement have not been finished.

There is no administration design or spending plan for legitimate control for a área that size successfully, which would make it just a “paper save.” Proponents are encouraging entry of the law with the administration design grew a short time later.

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The new law would change control of the área to another administration organization, one that has not been so ideal to brandish angling interests previously. Negative changes could be embraced once the proposition progresses toward becoming law.

The defenders of this bill have utilized the FECOP name without approval, influencing it to give the idea that FECOP bolstered the bill and would be included with administration of the save. The mistaken connection proceeded even after FECOP asked for it to stop.

There are now systems set up to make administration zones. In 2015, 35 exercises with 190 members had workshops to make a Marine Area of Responsible Fishing. FECOP underpins this methodology which offers assurance without changing control to another administration office. There is no compelling reason to make another law.


FECOP achievements:

  • Prevented the exportation of sailfish from the nation in 2009
  • Supported the Tuna Decree which ensured 120,000 square miles of regional waters from fish handbag seiners in 2014

Upheld by logical information, FECOP campaigned the administration to diminish handbag seine licenses from 43 to 13 out of 2017, sparing 25 metric ton of marlin that would have been bycatch and also other pelagic species and marine well evolved creatures.

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